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Relax and embrace peace and serenity with our lavender infused handmade body cream.

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"These products take the edge off and help my body and mind find peace and relaxation when I need it most. If you want better sleep, if you want to feel less tense, if you want to feel relaxed then I highly recommend these products."

- Taylor G.
New York, NY
At Leafwell Botanicals, we believe that you owe yourself the love that you so freely give others.
That is why we offer the highest quality hemp-infused products, so you can take your daily wellness and self-care routine to the next level.

1. Organic Ingredients

We exclusively work with farmers who are registered and compliant with the Department of Agriculture. They use organic growing practices with no pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemicals to deliver only the best quality, contaminant free products. Our hemp is not and will never be imported!

2. Holistic Approach

The hemp plant has over 100 beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. That’s why we utilize a total extraction process to best preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant, and then use a fractional distillation process to further refine the oils to give you the purest finished products.

3. Thoughtfully-Made

We diligently source all of our ingredients and only utilize those in our formulation process that complement our extracts and serve a specific purpose. That’s why finding the perfect taste, scent and understanding the composition of ingredients to harness the full potential of their health benefits are crucial during our manufacturing process.

4. Premium Quality Guaranteed

We pride ourselves in producing premium quality products, the right way. This is why we have third party lab facilities conduct independent lab tests for cannabinoid and terpene potency and potential contaminants while our product labels give you full disclosure of any other ingredients used in our finished products.

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