Benefits of Mango Butter

Benefits of Mango Butter

Have you ever wondered if the kernel inside of all delicious mangos has a use? The answer is yes! And they’re actually jam packed with essential nutrients which are cold pressed out of the kernel and then refined into what you know as mango butter (hard to believe, we know!). The butter is on the lighter side, not as greasy as most other oils, and is known for not clogging your pores.


Mango kernels are a nutrient-rich is with vitamins A, C, & E, essential fatty acids (Omega-9s, Omega-6s, Palmitic Acid, Arachidic Acid, and Stearic Acid), and natural anti-oxidants. All of these nutrients do an incredible job at nourishing your skin and hair so they stay healthy and beautiful. Similar to Shea Butter, Mango Butter has emollient properties that help the skin stay moisturized longer, helps the skin with its elasticity making it look and feel smoother and firmer.


Mango Butter has been shown to work wonders with many different types of dry skin. Its essential nutrients help soothe the dry skin and provide the nutrients needed that help the skin rebalance itself. It also helps the skin purge impurities from the skin.


Mango Butter’s lightness, non-comedogenic & emollient properties, make it one of the best oils for people with sensitive skin. We’ve had people use it on their face, body, and scalp for dry skin and many more reasons with great results.

Like our post regarding Shea Butter we’re here to let you know why we are using each of our ingredients and we will continue to post more so you’re aware of what’s going onto your skin and into your body. We are strong believers in that transparency and education are what empower people to make the best decisions for their health. We’ll keep these coming and if you have a particular request, please don’t hesitate to let us know at

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