Our Story

Told by our CEO and Cofounder, Luis Gamardo

  • The Early Days

    The Early Days

    Our story begins when we were working with animal shelters to help pets get adopted with creative video campaigns. Over the years, we were able to help thousands of adoptable pets find homes, but the more shelters we visited the more discouraged we felt because of a bigger problem: shelter pets often suffer from severe anxiety and other chronic conditions that decrease their chances of getting adopted. Fortunately, this all changed one day when an animal rescue volunteer showed us how she was using CBD to help mitigate this massive problem.
  • Identifying Opportunities to change lives

    Identifying Opportunities to change lives

    Once we saw CBD’s potential to help us fulfill our mission of helping families thrive (yes, pets are family members too!), we decided to shift our focus towards identifying opportunities in the hemp space where we could add value. We got to work by setting up meetings with hemp farmers, extractors, manufacturers, brands, and retailers and quickly identified a recurring theme: all parties mentioned there was a gap in the market for quality product manufacturers. Existing manufacturers operated in secret (even from the brands they served), did not educate, and were not focused on using clean label ingredients, which resulted in a lack of transparency and shelves inundated with products that had less than ideal ingredients and in many cases were underdosed and/or mislabeled. We saw this as our opportunity to build something that would have a positive impact on the lives of many.
  • Getting to Work…

    Getting to Work…

    Turns out that the demand by brands and consumers for transparent, clean labeled products was bigger than anticipated. Exclusively using premium hemp extracts, clean ingredients that serve a specific purpose, and our small batch approach to production, we started formulating one product at time and quickly became one of the well-respected co-manufacturers in the state of Colorado offering white and private label, which means that we make the products for some of the leading CBD brands in the country. This allowed us to expand and secure strategic partnerships to become vertically integrated from seed to finished product which is how we bring you the best possible products.
  • …And Then it Became Personal

    …And Then it Became Personal

    But life is more fragile than we think, isn’t it? On a Friday morning, I got a call from my doctor telling me I had lymphoma. Getting a cancer diagnosis shakes up your world completely, but I was lucky to have my family and my team next to me for support, which made it easier to find inner strength. As we waited for the follow-up test results, I experienced first-hand how challenging the mental battle was going to be. Under the guidance of my doctor, I started taking a daily dose of our full spectrum tinctures and started practicing mindfulness routines like positive affirmations and meditation to help me stay mentally strong throughout the treatment process. Seeing first-hand how much it helped me navigate the hardest time in my life, made it personal for us, and as I went into remission, we decided to launch the Leafwell Botanicals brand to help others striving for that mind-body-spirit connection to live their best lives.

Meet the Founders

Our team brings together people passionate about: health & wellness, botanical science, and mountaineering... in no specific order.

Luis C. Gamardo Luis C. Gamardo

Luis C. Gamardo

CEO, Cofounder

Abe Rahmanizadeh Abe Rahmanizadeh

Abe Rahmanizadeh

COO, Cofounder

Natalie von Cieminski Natalie von Cieminski

Natalie von Cieminski

CPO, Cofounder

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Join Our Team

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