Now reading: Mind-Body-Spirit: Practical Tips to Improve Overall Wellness

Mind-Body-Spirit: Practical Tips to Improve Overall Wellness

Have you ever been in a situation where a decline in your mental health led to a similar decline in your physical health? Or, have you ever noticed that when you take steps to improve your physical health, your mental health responds as well? This is not a coincidence! 

Your mental and physical health are inextricably linked, and they tend to fluctuate in reaction to each other.

As a result, attaining overall wellness means taking control of your physical, mental, and even spiritual health. After all, your overall health can only be strong when all these components are strong themselves. 

This article will offer you many valuable tips on how to support your physical, mental, and overall health, so keep reading! 

Mind-Body-Spirit: What Does It All Mean? 

Have you ever heard of holistic health? This is the idea that you can achieve your best health when focusing on your body as a whole rather than simply treating problem areas as they come up. 

Holistic health is treating your body as a temple, and honoring each part of yourself so as to better serve the whole. In doing so, all aspects of yourself--mind, body, and spirit--can thrive together. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, you may have noticed that people are struggling mentally as much as they are physically. Isolation, incalculable loss, and immense change to our everyday life have caused serious stress for all of us, no matter our personal circumstances. 

As a result, taking action to protect your holistic health has never been more important. 

It is important to understand first what each component of the mind-body-spirit connection means on its own:

  • Mind: A healthy mind is free of stress and worry. It is also one that recognizes the positive parts of life over the negative, and so is able to laugh and feel joy often. 
  • Body: A healthy body is mindfully cared for. It is nourished with rich foods, given plenty of sunshine, and offered the chance to move and connect with the world around it.
  • Spirit: A healthy spirit is one full of community and love. It is at its best when it is driven by purpose and passion. 

The mind-body-spirit connection posits that all three of these components play an equal, interconnected role in your health, and so you need to foster each of them to best support your overall health. 

Below are a list of tips on how to improve your holistic wellness and boost your mind-body-spirit connection. While some of them may lean more towards one of the three components (mind, body, or spirit), you will see that there is overlap between all of them, just as there is overlap behind the health of your mind, body, and spirit. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

How To Improve Your Holistic Health 

Here are easy-to-incorporate ways you can improve your overall health, as well as the individual health of your mind, body, and spirit!

Eat Healthy

Your body converts the food you eat into energy, which then powers every action or task your body performs. The food you eat plays a big role in determining your energy levels and the state of your health. 

You can eat a healthy well-balanced diet by sticking to fruits, vegetables, lean protein sources (especially nuts, beans, and fish), low-fat dairy products, whole grains, and healthy (unsaturated) fats. 

Avoid processed foods, as well as foods that are high in sugar, sodium, and unhealthy (trans, saturated) fats. 

Stay Active 

There is all too much to say about how physical activity benefits your holistic health. 

First, exercise supports the cardiovascular system and promotes better circulation throughout the body. It also helps strengthen the muscles and boosts energy levels. 

Next, exercise can improve your mood and reduce stress. 

Plus, exercise can be a social activity, which will bring you closer to your community and support your spiritual health. 

All in all, you should try to exercise at least three times a week. Join a local sports league, watch workout videos on YouTube, or sign up for yoga classes--the opportunities for exercise are endless!

Add CBD Oil To Your Daily Regimen

CBD oil is a plant-based supplement that can support your mental wellness, relieve everyday discomfort and feelings of stress, and promote your overall health. Plus, this soothing supplement has little to no side effects, and is generally safe to use. 

Try anything from tinctures and soft gels to our hemp extract body creams. You can even consume CBD oil in your food, like our Creamy CBD Peanut Butter

Discuss with your doctor which method and dose is right for your goals. 

Go To The Doctor Regularly 

One important part of maintaining both your physical and mental health is making sure you go to the doctor for your yearly check-up, at the very least. You can go over any specific concerns you may have, and your doctor can run tests to make sure there are no issues that need addressing if something is feeling a little off in your day to day. 

Try New Things

One of the great joys in life is discovering new hobbies that you are passionate about, but you cannot do this if you never try new things. This could mean signing up for guitar lessons at a local music store, or subscribing to a YouTube channel that teaches you how to knit. 

Whatever that thing is that you have always wanted to try, there is no better time than now to go for it! 

Stay Connected--Lean On Your Community

It is in times like these that we learn just how important community truly is to our lives. Humans are social animals, and even the most shy and introverted of people need human interaction to feed their soul. 

When you are struggling in any way, lean on the people who care about you, and you will feel loved. Nothing is better for your spirit than love! 

Sleep. We Mean Really Sleep. 

Sleep is essential for both your physical and mental health, since all areas of the body need that time of rest to regroup, repair, and rejuvenate. Your body will be more energized when you have slept enough, and your mind will be better able to concentrate on the tasks ahead. 

Try to get around 7-8 hours of sleep each night at least, and take quick naps during the day if needed. 

Drink More Water

If you are one of those people that moves so quickly throughout the day that you barely remember to drink water, don’t worry, you are not alone. However, the majority of your body is composed of water, and so it is super crucial that you drink enough of it everyday. 

Carry a reusable water bottle with you at all times, or download an app that will send you reminders to drink water (yes, that type of app really does exist!)

Give Back/Nurture Others 

If you are in a position to donate money, find an organization that represents a cause you are passionate about and support them. You can also volunteer your time, say at a local food bank. 

You don’t have to think of it as charity--instead think of it as being an active member of your community, working to make sure every community member has the supplies they need to survive. Not only will giving back lift your spirit and your sense of purpose, it will also strengthen your bond to your community!

Get Fresh Air

If you are having a bad day, going outside, observing the beauty of nature, and feeling the sunlight and breeze against your skin can do wonders for your mood. 

For one, exposure to the sun helps release more of the hormone serotonin, which leads to better mental wellness and higher energy levels. 

You can pair going outside with physical activity and feed two birds with one scone (literally and metaphorically!). Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Be Thankful For What You Have and Just Smile More

The best way to get out of a negative rut? Think about all of the things that you do have, and all that you should be grateful for. This could be the people in your life, the food on your plate, the roof over your head. Reflect on the positive and then smile. 

See, even if you are feeling terrible, a smile or a laugh will release endorphins throughout your body and automatically boost your mood. 

Pamper Yourself 

Life is about more than just work, bills, and sleep. In fact, life should be fun, and you should do the things you enjoy with the time that you have on earth. 

Splurge on that cute pair of sunglasses you have been eyeing, or order the takeout you have been craving all week. These small actions of pleasure for the sake of it will strengthen your mental health. Treat yourself--you deserve it! 

Practice Mindfulness 

Activities like yoga, meditation, and journaling will all help you practice mindfulness. In essence, mindfulness is a way to calm your mind while also being present in the moment and with your feelings. 

Mindfulness can help you process the events of the day, unwind, and destress, which is why a great time to practice mindfulness is right before bed. 

Learn To Say No 

Burnout is real, and you should look to avoid it at all costs. One way to do so is by saying no to tasks that you know will overwhelm you, be it at work or in your social life. 

Even the most productive people in the world have their limits, and stretching yourself too thin can lead to unwanted stress and exhaustion. Your labor is replaceable (meaning someone else can do the task you have said no to), but your health is not. 

Go Easy On Yourself 

A lot of the tips above, especially relating to diet and physical activity, require you to make major changes to your lifestyle. This is not easy, and it will not be instantaneous. Work slowly to build new, healthy habits that you will be able to maintain for the long run. Your health will thank you, and your mind and spirit will appreciate your patience. 

In Conclusion 

The health of your mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected, so you should treat them as such. The key to improving your mental health, for example, is by focusing on your body as a whole rather than limiting your efforts to your mind. 

These were 15 tips on how to improve your holistic health. Try picking a few that you think address areas in your life that need improvement, and go from there! 

You will find that addressing all aspects of your life as a whole will help you best support your mind, body, spirit and overall wellness



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