Essential Staff are Keeping the Country Going. They are our Heroes and we just want to say Thank You.

Essential workers-- medical staff, grocery store employees, delivery drivers, truck drivers, sanitation workers, warehouse workers, first responders--they are running into battle for us at the frontlines of the pandemic. These are the #Frontlineheros of today taking care of the sick, keeping shelves stocked, transporting supplies across the country, and much more day in and day out to keep everything together while many of us are quarantined at home.

As a company and community we are committed to do our part in contributing to their lives to say thank you. Many of us have enjoyed CBD products for their calming and relaxing properties. To that effect, we are making custom Care Packages and shipping them around the country to essential staff.


Our #frontlineheroes program is comprised of two parts, the first is if you buy any product from Leafwell Botanicals this month we will ship a Care Package to an essential worker. The second is that we as a company are committing 300 care packages for our heroes.

For our giveaway of 300 care packages the process is simple and as follows:

  1. Tagging the nominee on any of our Instagram posts mentioning the giveaway or our #frontlineheroes. We will reach out to them directly to get the information we need to send them the care package
  2. Reaching out to us at and providing us either the nominees email so we can reach out to them directly or providing us their full name, shipping address, work they're currently doing, and email address.


The process for our buy one, gift a care package is also quick and easy:

  1. You make any purchase on our website (use an email we can reach you at)
  2. We send you a quick form, where you provide the required info for us to send a Care Package.
  3. We hand create the Care Package and send it out.
  4. Tag them on our instagram post to show them some love! (Optional)


As a small company that cares, we are giving away at least 300 Care Packages (~$20k value) on our behalf and each order placed will increase the total by 1. Each care package will include:

  1. 10ml tincture (equivalent to our 1000mg CBD products)
  2. Soft-gel Sample Packs (25mg & 40mg per soft-gel)
  3. 1 4G Cream – Menthol
  4. 1 4G Cream – Lavender
  5. 1 4G Cream - Arnica 


While we #StayHome to keep everyone safe, let’s try and bring a little bit more joy into everyone’s life and say thank you to all the people working hard to keep our cities and country going at this time.

Join us in appreciating our #frontlineheroes by tagging them on our instagram for our community to show them some love! 

If you want to support our initiative without making a purchase or nominating someone for the giveaway don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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