How To Introduce CBD Products Into Your Skincare Routine

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Young, supple skin is the result of an extensive and constant beauty regime (unless you’re one of the lucky few born with perfect, radiant skin!). And it’s one that can be complemented with CBD products for maximum effects. 

Aside from self-care and TLC, a skincare beauty routine can help keep your skin young, prevent lines, wrinkles, and spots, as well as aiding in acne treatment and prevention. When you add CBD products to any skincare routine, the results will amaze you.

Why CBD products?

CBD has lots of benefits for the skin and its soothing, calming and non-irritating nature make it easy to incorporate into just about any skincare routine. It has antioxidant properties that can aid in maintaining balanced & healthy skin. It can also help regulate sebum production and help soothe dry skin, especially when paired with the right ingredients. For more information on the benefits of CBD oil in skincare, check out this article.

But how exactly can you add a CBD product into your current skincare routine? Where does it fit in? We’re here to show you how to incorporate new products - including CBD products - into your routine. Here are our tips on how to add new products to any skincare routine:

How To Incorporate CBD Products Into Your Routine

    • Patch Test First
    • Start on Alternate Days
    • One New Product At a Time
    • Pick the Right Step 
    • Be Patient
    • Choose the Right Product

Patch Test First!

When you finally get your hands on that new CBD product you’ve been dying to try, you may be tempted to put it all over your face or lather it all over your body to get those amazing results ASAP. But this could be one of the biggest mistakes you can make. 

Whenever you plan to implement a new product into your skincare routine, patch testing is a must. This way you can determine if the product suits your skin’s type and examine if it causes any type of allergic reaction. Trust us! If for any reason your skin responds negatively, it’s much better to have a rash on a small patch of your skin than on your entire face.

“Skin patch testing is a good way to see if your skin would react negatively to certain products, especially if you have sensitive skin. [...]  I always do it for products I’m using for the first time and that I know have ingredients I’m not used to, like retinol or direct acids.”

Jolina, founder of The Skin Experiment.

Although CBD products are known for their soothing properties, a patch test is always a good idea not only because of the CBD but because of all the other ingredients that may be accompanying it. To do it, simply pick a spot. It can be either the inside of your wrist, the side of your neck or the inside of your arm. Apply the product and wait to see how it feels in your skin. If a day goes by and you see no reaction, you’re good to go. However, if your skin begins to feel itchy or irritated, wash off the product immediately - it’s a no-go.

Start on Alternate Days

Once you’ve done a patch test and made sure the CBD product agrees with your skin, it’s time to start trying it! But sadly, you can’t go from zero to 60 in under one minute. Start trying your new product by alternating days between your previous routine. That means one day on, one day off. That way your skin gets used to the new active ingredients for optimal results. 

One New Product at a Time

We’ve all been there, done that. When you go on a skincare shopping spree, all you want to do is chuck your old products down the drain and try all the new ones, right here, right now, ASAP. However, something to keep in mind here is that you can’t really see if the products you bought are helping if you don’t compare results. Implement each product, one at a time, and see if your skin responds well and you’re getting the results you’re looking for. If they do, then you can go with the next product in line!

Another reason why this is the smart thing to do is because if you test all the products at once and one of them doesn’t work or causes an allergic reaction, you won’t know which ones are working and which one is the culprit for the allergic reaction. This means one thing: you will have to STOP using all of them, one by one in order to find the bad seed in the bunch… which you could have avoided if you tried them one at a time.

“For best results, when introducing new skin care products, it is best to take it slow. […] Even if you have patch-tested and no negative reaction has occurred, I still believe that it is best to only introduce one new product every five days.”

Dhrishni Thakuria, content specialist and writer

Pick the Right Step 

A big part of skincare lies in the order: applying products in the right order is important for achieving maximum effectiveness. For example, if you apply a serum and then wash your face, you’re rendering your serum useless because you’re washing it off. The right order for any skincare routine is:

  1. Cleanser 
  2. Treatments
  3. Moisturizer
  4. SPF (before going out for the day!)

You can add more steps as you wish, but these are the basic ones in case you don’t feel like having a complex 10-step Korean skincare routine (that’s up to you!). But applying products in the right order is key to guarantee effectiveness and results. 

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue, and skincare is no exception. Just like going on a diet or hitting the gym, it’s going to take time, commitment, and truly sticking to your routine to see results. Simply put, it’s going to take a few weeks for the changes to be noticeable. Giorgia Guazzarotti, a skincare coach from Beautiful With Brains states that “you need to use a product for 2 or 3 weeks before you can see a difference (or not).”

So when you’re trying out a new CBD product, don’t expect to see immediate results. Most products require a few weeks to absorb & nourish your skin to make those lasting changes you’re looking for. Give yourself a pat on the back and don’t forget to pamper your skin on a daily basis. You’ll see results in no time! 

Choose the Right Product

Choosing the right product for your skin type and skin concerns is absolutely necessary to get the results you want. We want to make it easy for you so we only use clean, natural ingredients derived from herbs, flowers, leaves, and skins of fruits (never fragrances or other artificial chemicals). Here are our best CBD products for your skin:

CBD Arnica Body Cream

Leafwell CBD Products Skincare

Soothing arnica that relaxes and moisturizes the skin.

CBD Lavender Body Cream

Leafwell CBD Products Skincare

Calming lavender that helps hydrate your skin and keep it supple.

CBD Menthol Body Cream

Leafwell CBD Products Skincare

Cooling menthol and peppermint to give your skin an energizing and moisturizing boost. 

All of our CBD beauty products are made with the highest quality full & broad spectrum hemp oil extract as an active ingredient. There are three amazing CBD products to choose from: CBD Arnica Body Cream, with soothing arnica montana flower oil and chamomile oil, CBD Lavender Body Cream, with lavender oil and tea tree oil, and our CBD Menthol Body Cream, made with cooling menthol, peppermint oil, arnica montana flower oil, eucalyptus oil and camphor oil. These CBD body creams can deeply moisturize the skin and provide a sense of relaxation. 

We have carefully chosen lightweight dry oils that are absorbed quickly in order to minimize greasy residue and maximize product absorption to give your skin all the goodness it deserves without any of the mess. All three formulations include shea butter, sweet almond oil, mango seed butter, jojoba seed oil, and arnica montana flower oil.

Our CBD face body creams were formulated to be versatile and can be applied throughout your body, including your face. Our creams are used for many different reasons some of which include caring for your skin, pre & post exercise recovery, and as a light moisturizer. All you have to do is pick your favorite CBD face body cream and start implementing it into your skincare routine!

You can get all our CBD products here!

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